Help and FAQ

Installation Instructions (Symbian)

  1. Purchase and download PhoneTorch
  2. If you have already an older version of PhoneTorch installed, then please remove it manually before installing a new PhoneTorch package.
  3. Install PhoneTorch on your phone
  4. Start PhoneTorch and adjust settings to your preferences


This section describes the PhoneTorch settings which can be found under "Options" - "Settings".

  • Autostart PhoneTorch: If enabled, then PhoneTorch is started automatically when the phone is turned on. Then you can easily turn on/off the flashlight without having to navigate to the PhoneTorch icon and start PhoneTorch manually.
  • Resume light state: If enabled, then PhoneTorch remembers whether you exited PhoneTorch with light enabled or disabled. If the light was enabled, it is switched on automatically when PhoneTorch is started again.
  • Light shortcut key: Here the shortcut key to switch on/off the flashlight can be selected.
  • Ignore keylock: If enabled, then the "Light shortcut key" also works if the keyboard is locked.
  • Enable sounds: If enabled, then a sound is played when the "Light shortcut key" is pressed.
  • Morse signal duration: This value specifies the signal length of a "Dit" in milliseconds.
  • Display brightness: This value specifies the display brightness when the screen mode is used.
  • Screen color: Here the screen color used in screen mode can be selected.
  • Fast LED mode: If enabled, switching the flashlight on is much faster. But this mode requires a big amount energy even if the flashlight is turned off. If you run PhoneTorch in background it is highly recommended to disable this mode.

New since version 2.0.6:

  • Shortcut key modifier: Here a modifier key can be selected. The shortcut key works only when the modifier key is pressed to. E.g. when this value is set to "Shift" and the shortcut key is "Camera" then only when both keys are pressed the light is turned on. More information about modifier keys can be found here.
  • Disable screen lock: If enabled, then the screen/keyboard will not be locked when the LED light is on.
  • Light timeout: If this value is greater than "0", then the LED light is turned off after the given number of seconds.
  • Bring to front: If enabled, then the PhoneTorch app is brought to front when the LED light is turned on.
  • Minimum battery level (Nokia Touch devices only): if the percentage of remaining battery drops below this level (range: 0% to 100%) then the LED light is automatically turned off.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does PhoneTorch drain the battery, even if the LED light is turned off? PhoneTorch remains in idle state by default to enable quick switching of the LED light. Please disable the "Fast LED mode" in the PhoneTorch's settings to reduce battery usage.
  • Why does the camera key not work? You have to select the camera key as shortcut key under PhoneTorch's settings.
  • How can I fix the PhoneTorch starting/crashing problems after an update? Please remove old versions of PhoneTorch before installing an updated version.
  • My download link is deactivated/broken. How can I download PhoneTorch? Download links stay active for 12 hours. If you miss this deadline, send me an email including the inactive download link.
  • We want to use PhoneTorch on some of our company's phones. How can we get multiple licenses of PhoneTorch? Please enter the number of devices on which PhoneTorch will be installed in the field "Quantity" during the ordering process.
  • What is Morse signaling / Morse codes? Morse codes can be used for communication. Please refer to this Wikipedia article for more information.
  • How can I test if my phone is supported? If your phone is listed in the download section, then PhoneTorch was tested against your device model and no further pre-testing action is required. If your phone is not listed, you can try these test utilities:
    (*) You can check if your phone (if not listed above) works with PhoneTorch for Symbian 9.3 FP2 by installing this tool (link). After installation click on "Show". If the light is turned on for approximately 3-4 seconds, then your phone will work.

    (**) You can check if PhoneTorch for N95 version works with your phone by installing this tool (link). After installation click on "Show". If the light is turned on shortly (~1 second), then your phone will work. Please make sure to cover the camera lens (e.g. with a finger) before testing as this version of PhoneTorch is light-sensitive.
  • I get a "Certificate Expired" error on my Sony-Ericsson phone! There is a firmware bug on some Sony-Ericsson Symbian 5th Edition devices which is not related to PhoneTorch and occurs randomly. To the best of my knowledge Sony-Ericsson has not provided a working fix for this problem. A lot of information can be found by googling for "Sony certificate expired". You can also try these steps:
    • Check if your phone's date and time are correct.
    • Change the phone's date to a date in the future (e.g. current year + 1).
    • Reset your device to factory settings (instructions are here, "Restore phone to factory default settings"). Caution: backup all data before this operation.
    • Turn your device off.  Remove the SIM card, start your device again and install PhoneTorch. Then restart your phone with the SIM card again.
    • One last option: Bring the device to a Sony-Ericsson support center / request a device replacement or a firmware update.